Founded in 2017,  Die S Bar Food Company began as a place for healthy, fresh and delicious food.

Founder: Carla Staufert. 

We know how hard it is to combine a healthy lifestyle with a busy city life that’s why we make it easy to order online and we bring our delicious bowls directly to you, matching the pace of your lifestyle.

We are passionate about real fresh food and we aim to build awareness on the impact food has on our health and the environment.

We are all about Mindfulness and that’s why we prepare and cook a variety of local wholesome & homemade foods, and yes, we are on the quest of building a community of people who support healthy fresh food in Munich and one day all of Germany.

We are all about having WORK-HEALTH-BALANCE!

Our Team 


Our Promises

Keep it FRESH
We are committed to use 100% fresh and homemade products.
Keep it LOCAL
We promote the use of locally sourced and regional products.
Keep it GREEN
Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We’re committed to protecting the environment and that's why  we use 100% Climate Neutral and Certified biodegradable packaging &  use electric bikes to make our deliveries. 

By always promoting an outstanding customer service and creating meaningful connections with our customers and suppliers.

Our Mission

Our mission at Die S Bar Food Company is to inspire consumers to eat healthier during their lunch breaks, create awareness of the origin of their food, the way it's been packaged, and how it's been delivered; and therefore create Strong Mindful Communities in Munich and in Germany by offering Fresh, Local, Green and Friendly products!

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