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We’re Carla, Leo & Sofía, a small family of three Mexicans living in Munich.

The idea behind Die S Bar goes back to our roots. In Mexico you can always find fresh made juices, fresh vegetables, and a whole variety of local wholesome & homemade foods. We’ve realized that nowadays people have very few choices when it refers to eating around their work areas, and that sometimes is hard to combine a healthy lifestyle with a busy city life.

With this idea in mind we created Die S Bar.

Simply because

we believe eating should be:

In Die S Bar you can choose between a range of healthy and nutritional ingredients to customize and build your salad just the way you want them.

We make it easy to

and the best part is that we have


we take your custom made salads directly to you

matching the pace of your lifestyle.


We are passionate about real fresh food and we are all about